Conference Program

The two days of the conference are rich in diverse perspectives laboring to care for our common home

July 5


Opening Ceremony

  • Opening Prayer:
    • Group of Children
    • Paolo Matterazzo, Prophetic Economy/Nomadelfia
  • Words of Welcome
    • H.E. Cardinal Peter K.A. Turkson, Prefect of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development (DSSUI)
  • Opening Remarks: The Importance of Laudato Si’ Today
    • H.E. Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State
  • Happy Anniversary Laudato Si’! Impact and Challenges of the Encyclical
    • Chair: Delia Gallagher, CNN
    • A Representative Panel of Young People from different continents:
      • Africa: Mr. Allen Ottaro, Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa, Kenya
      • Americas: Mr. Delio Siticonatzi, Pueblo Ashaninca, REPAM
      • Asia: Mr. Macson Almeida, Don Bosco Green Alliance, India
      • Europe: Ms. Laura Menendez, Manos Unidas
      • Oceania: Ms. Jade Hameister, North Pole explorer, Australia
  • The Urgency to Save Our One and Only Common Home: 1.5°C rise and no more
    • Hon. John Gummer, Lord Deben, Chairman of Independent Committee on Climate Change, Great Britain
    • Ms. Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, Poet, Marshall Islands


Where Are We? Listening to the Cry of the Earth and Cry of the Poor


Plenary Session

  • Chair: Marta Rodriguez, Responsible for Women’s Section, Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life
  • Opening Remarks
    • Msgr. Antoine Camilleri, Under-Secretary for Relations with States, Secretariat of State
  • Presentation of the Conference Programme
    • Fr. Joshtrom Isaac Kureethadam, DSSUI
  • Climate Change–A Last Call for the Planet
    • Prof. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Director of the Postdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
  • Global Stocktake–How is the Paris Agreement going?
    • Dr. Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
  • Integral Ecology–How Ecological Degradation is Affecting the Poorest
    • Mr. Naderev Saño, Greenpeace Southeast Asia


Parallel Sessions

  • Group 1: Climate Change: Are We Hearing the Cry of the Poor and the Cry of the Earth?
  • Group 2: OIKO-NOMIA: Serving Our Common Home?
  • Group 3: Churches and Religions: On the Path to Ecological Conversion?
  • Group 4: Indigenous and Young People: Are Their Voices Heard?


Inauguration of the Laudato Si’ Exhibition

  • Brief Comments by Dr. Tebaldo Vinciguerra, DSSUI
  • Blessing by H.E. Cardinal Peter K.A. Turkson

Part II

Where Do We Want to Go? Discerning the Crisis of Our Common Home


Plenary Session

  • Chair & Opening Message
    • Msgr. Bruno Marie Duffé, Secretary of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development
  • The Natural World as the Gospel (Good News) of Creation
    • H.E. John Zizioulas, Metropolitan of Pergamon, Greece
  • The Economic Reasons to Act and to Act Immediately
    • Prof. Nicholas Stern, London School of Economics, Great Britain
  • Integral Ecology for Integral Human Flourishing
    • Prof. Celia Deane-Drummond, Professor in Theology and Director of the Center forTheology, Science and Human Flourishing at the University of Notre Dame, and SeniorResearch Fellow at Campion Hall, Oxford University


Cultural evening

July 6


Audience with Pope Francis

Part III

How to Inspire a Massive Movement for the Care of our Common Home: Acting Together to Save the Earth


Plenary Session

  • Opening Prayer
  • Opening Remarks
    • Dr. Erik Solheim, Executive Director, UN Environment (presented by Mr. Charles McNeill)
  • Chair: Kitty Van der Heijden, Director Africa and Europe, World Resources Institute
  • Eco-justice: Responding to the Cry of the Earth and the Cry of the Poor in the Light of CST
    • Cardinal Pedro Ricardo Barreto Jimeno, Archbishop of Huancayo, Peru
  • Global Ecological Conversion: Building a Massive Movement to Protect Our Common Home
    • Mr. Bill McKibben, Founder of, USA
  • Sustainable Economy: Time for a “Marshall Plan” for our Common Home
    • Mr. Pierre Larrouturou, Spokesperson of Pacte Finance Climat pour l’Europe, France
  • Concluding Remarks: Dr. Michał Kurtyka, President of COP24, Poland


Parallel Sessions

  • Group 1: Climate Change: Raising ambition towards COP 24
  • Group 2: OIKO-NOMIA – Moving towards a New Economy: A Message to Bali
  • Group 3: Churches and Religions: Towards the Season of Creation
  • Group 4: Indigenous and Young People: Towards the respective Synods of 2018 and 2019


Participatory Action Plans for the Care of Our Common Home

  • Chair: Fr. Augusto Zampini, DSSUI and Ms. Chiara Martinelli, CIDSE
  • Reports from the groups on lines of action for the following events:
    • Season of Creation– Faith Communities
    • IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings–Economics and Finance
    • Synod on Youth and Synod on the Amazon–Youth and Intergenerational Justice, Indigenous Peoples and Forests
    • Global Climate Action Summit–Climate Change and Civil Society
    • COP24–Politics and Advocacy


Closing Session

  • Acting-Together and Now!
    • H.E. Cardinal Charles Bo, S.D.B., Archbishop of Yangon, Myanmar
    • TBC (will let you know asap)
  • Presentation of Good Practices for the Care of Our Common Home
  • Laudato Si’ and Education: Tarumitra, a movement of 2000 schools in North India
    • Fr. Robert Athickal, S.J., Director of Tarumitra, India with two students
    • Response: Monica Conmee, CAFOD
  • Laudato Si’ and Finance: Ethical investments in an Era of Climate Change
    • Rev. Henrik Grape, Climate Change Coordinator, World Council of Churches
    • Response: Latin America
  • Laudato Si’ and Advocacy: Taking Climate Change Seriously
    • Mr. Joseph Sapati Moeono-Kolio, Pacific Climate Warriors
    • Response: Fr. Rigobert Minani, S.J., Réseau ecclésial du Bassin du Congo (REBAC)
  • Concluding Remarks
    • H.E. Cardinal Peter K.A. Turkson